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We’ve officially moved but my kitchen is not up and running yet. We’re still in the process of priming and painting all the walls and cabinetry but plan to finish this weekend so I’ll be back to my regular blogging next week. Until then, here are a few tasty tidbits I’ve been eyeing on some of my fellow bloggers’ websites:

  • Peabody also just moved into her new home and her first baking concoction looks so good… Brown Sugar Bundt Cake. Hazelnut flour, chunks of apple… yum!
  • Fellow Texan, Foodie Bride made Rebecca Rather’s Chicken Pot Pie… we share a great love for Rebecca Rather and I haven’t yet tried her Chicken Pot Pie & hope to very soon! Its not quite “fall” here in Texas, well it doesn’t particularly feel like it, but that doesn’t stop us Texans from trying to bring Fall upon us by making things like Pecan Pumpkin Butter! :-)
  • Tara made another successful looking Giada recipe, Tomato Soup with Pancetta. This one I’ll have to wait to make some day when dearest hubby won’t be home cause he’s  not too keen on tomatoes, but goodness does it look good! Tara definitely shares my love for Giada. I can always depend on her to have some delicious Giada recipes!
  • Beth created some Puff Pastry Cheesecake Cups with Pear Topping… definitely a drool worthy dessert!
  • Pop over to Slightly Cheaper Than Therapy for some Pumpkin Pecan Pie! Brilliant!

Stay tuned as I come back full force next week :-) I’ve missed my blogging!

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